“Justin has worked with four of my children, each with different skill sets and learning styles. All four have benefited from Justin’s hard work and from his keen insights into how each would improve. Justin has proven himself, again and again, to be a terrific tutor and has become a family friend and trusted adviser.” Lizanne F. – Mother of Four Former Students

“Thank you again (100x’s) for all of your help with each of these various milestone tests. We continue to refer people to you and please always feel free to send inquiring parents our way if you should ever need a reference. Again, thank you for everything, Justin – you do great work!”  Leslie B. – Mother of Three Former Students

“Justin is an amazing tutor. Within minutes of speaking to me for the first time, he not only improved the way I approached questions, but also provided me with a greater overall understanding of the exam. After meeting with Justin for only a few sessions, my confidence increased tenfold. Going into the exam, there was no doubt that I would do well. My score increased by more than 100 points from the previous time that I had taken the exam! I owe it all to Justin.” Jamarr D. – Former Student (GMAT Tutoring), Final Score: 710

“Justin zeroed in on the specific math problems that gave me trouble. He worked through individual problems with me, never actually doing the math for me but providing frameworks to enable me to do problems myself. Most importantly, Justin provided emotional support and emphasized calmness and pacing on the test, both of which were obstacles for a high-strung student like myself. Justin was able to fit his program to my needs, most of which were psychological, and prepared me excellently for the test.” Sabrina H. – Former Student (SAT Tutoring), Final Score: 1570 [790V, 780M]

“Justin is an unequivocally personable and intuitive tutor. After about 10 minutes of ‘get to know each other’ chatting during our first session, he had pretty much figured me out: that I needed little instruction and much coaching. I never dreaded tutoring sessions the way that some of my friends did. Working with Justin was genuinely fun and productive.” Anne A. – Former Student (SAT Tutoring), Yale ’09

“Our tutoring really helped me improve on the SATs. You completely understood what was difficult for me and what was not. Thus, we spent less time going over pointless exercises and more time focusing on the sections that I found tough. Also, we would always go on tangents, and, at first, I would think these tangents were just conversational and fun, but somehow you always tied them back into the topic at hand. This type of learning fit me really well, since I like learning from a peer rather than a more forceful or a condescending type of teacher.” Peter R. – Former Student, University of Michigan ’14

“I found the whole idea of taking the SAT to be very stressful. In choosing a tutor, I picked Justin because I believed that he would help me improve my score and mitigate the anxiety and stress. I was right. Justin was able to teach me how to understand the SAT and teach me essential test taking techniques, that I still use today at Duke. Additionally, with his support, Justin made the whole SAT process a much less stressful experience. Justin is an approachable, intelligent, benevolent, and enthusiastic tutor. He helped me raise my score and I deeply enjoyed working with him.” Jack R. – Former Student, Duke University ’14

“He just gets it.” Lily B. – Former Student (SAT Tutoring)

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