Everest Tutoring, Inc. provides unsurpassed live SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test, AP, and GMAT tutoring to clients in New York City and on Long Island as well as effective online tutoring to clients worldwide. We at Everest Tutoring take a lot of pride in skillfully determining exactly what each of our students needs to climb as high as possible. And we emphatically deliver sharp strategies, expert coaching, good humor, and great results.

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My Ideal Tutor is a valuable, timesaving placement resource provided to clients – free of charge – by Everest Tutoring, Inc. When we can’t fulfill your tutoring needs ourselves, we obtain key information from clients and connect you the right tutors for your learning and financial needs. My Ideal Tutor combines our comprehensive network of talented independent tutors with experience, insight and service you won’t get from online tutoring directories. Visit www.myidealtutor.com to be matched with other great tutors for your other tutoring needs.


Justin Sloss, the President of Everest Tutoring, Inc., is the co-founder of Piecewise, Ltd. Piecewise provides accurately-simulated SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Test practice testing programs. Call 718-596-7544 to discuss your practice testing needs and to reserve your space.


Everest Tutoring provides business consulting to tutoring companies and independent tutors. With 24 years of tutoring industry excellence, we will quickly, creatively develop solutions for your business to penetrate new markets, grow margins, expand marketing, improve word-of-mouth, and earn more business.

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